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The future of San Francisco is determined by an Asian-American blood and guts

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinion drown out your inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”
Steve Jobs, founding president of the Apple Computer, stressed this to Stanford University graduates sometime before he left for the Great Beyond. His admonition has been retained both in the public and private minds who praised to high heavens Steve Jobs’ technological acumen and altered the future of communications. In socio-educational and socio-political fashion, the Jobs doctrine has been proven applicable in all stages and directions in life.
Former SF supervisor and incumbent senator Leland Yee has been a leading choice in the ranking elections on Tuesday, November 8. It is unfortunate that the Filipino group is politically divided instead of supporting only one
to ensure the election of the candidate closest to the heart and aspirations of the community. Senator Leland Yee has been the most visible in the affairs and events of the community. The FilAm community will be lucky enough to have the San Francisco City Hall doors open and outstretched for the services to the public. One thing sure, Leland Yee will never be a lap dog of the business and power brokers. Make sure that you get out and vote for the Filipino media-endorsed and supported Leland Yee.
* * * * * *
November 1 and 2 are listed in the Christian calendar of events as All Saints Day and All Souls Day, respectively. These are days that when we remember the important people – friends and relatives alike – who greatly influenced our existence. Most of the time, we don’t even recall their natal days, other events of Christmastime. But then we pause and recollect our relations, friendships and association with them – on November 1st and 2nd.
Pep Talk offers spiritual tribute to Roque Vasquez, Juliana Red Vasquez and Josefa Manrique-Vasquez and their departed siblings Modesta Vasquez-Lumalang, Helena Red Vasquez, Manuel Vasquez, Remedios Vasquez-Conmigo, Justo M. Vasquez, Basilisa Vasquez-Garena, Rosita Vasquez-Espiritu and Francisco M. Vasquez. Soledad V. Labay (in San Jose , California ) and Minda Vasquez-Lagustan (in Canada and Marinduque) are the two remaining children. The surviving siblings are encouraged to pray for the eternal repose of the souls of their relations. In the spirit of the events, special prayers are offered for William and Juanita dela Cruz, Frankie Capilitan, Jose Lota and Tom Calma. Pep Talk includes Domingo and Paz Apostol in prayers.
The media persons who departed from the American soil included Stan Animo, Quezon Mangawang, Dave Baquirin, Willie and Lita Jurado are best remembered for organizing the U.S. extension of National Press Club. During their prime, the group ensured that those who are with the working press, whether in staff box or contributing to the affairs of the Fourth State, are the only ones eligible for regular membership. Others who do not belong to the active print or broadcast media are accepted as associate or members. The press club has been fashioned according to the needs and dedication for information dissemination.

* * * * * *
The Year 2012 is sixty days from today. Still the world governments are finding solutions to the socio-economic directions of their respective country. The course and discourse of the future determine how pockets are lined up according to the needs of the leaders. The United States has been considered the leader of all nations. Years back, China has been adjudged as the sleeping giant. The future of Russia and the direction of China are on the speculative path. We just hope and pray that our own future is pointed to our spiritual path. November 1st and 2nd remind us that the future depends on our respective mission and vision.

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