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More candidates to poverty line in US and less in the Philippines

There will be no travel abroad for former President Arroyo for medical treatment.
Thus said Justice Secretary Leila de Lima as she disapproved the request of Mrs. Arroyo to seek treatment in Singapore, Germany, Spain, Italy and, possibly, the United States.
Doctors said GMA should travel instead to local hospitals where there are medical specialists for her rare ailment.
Former Sen. Ernesto Maceda said it is unprecedented and un-presidential to deny a former President exit abroad for medical reasons.
Maceda added: “Simply lang iyan:  If she doesn’t come back, bad shot si RGMA.  If he doesn’t let her go, bad shot si P-Noy.”
Eldest son Mikey and wife Angela also want to travel abroad.
There’s no decision yet on their application for Allow Departure Order (ADO). The couple is facing a multi-million tax evasion charge and the hearings are to start yet in January.
Let them enjoy Christmas in US first – so they can ran away from their countless “inaanak.”
Pnoy believes in Santa Claus – headline.
“Santa Claus perhaps is a personification of people’s idea of generosity and the idea of caring does come out at least for Christians during this period most particularly and most shall we say strongly,” he said.
Is it his favourite nephew – son of Kris – dressed in Santa Claus suit, or the real Santa?
Just asking Kris.
Expect socks hanging in Malacanang because Pnoy believes in Santa Claus.
We did not say sacks of rice or goodies, only socks.
Pnoy’s wish to Santa Claus is for his critics to stop.
Yes, that’s truce or ceasefire.
Please unfurl first the white flag, Mr. President.
Finally, Pnoy and Pres Obama will have a longer time to talk to each other.
This will happen not in Honolulu during the APEC Summit of Leaders, but in Bali, Indonesia during the ASEAN meeting.
Will it be White House next time?
The number of Americans living in extreme poverty is rising in US.
A prestigious think thank said the number has reached “a historic high of 46.2 million,” equivalent to more than 15 percent of the US population.

Separately, the Wall Street Journal reported that as of August nearly
15 percent of Americans rely on food stamps for survival.
Ironically, more Filipinos want to migrate to US in pursuit of the American dream.
One Pinoy quipped: at least there will be more candidates to the poverty line in US and less in he Philippines.
Despite the poor showing of the US economy, Pres Obama appears headed to reelection.
This is a result of a divided Republican party.
United we conquer, divided we fall.
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